• You may register for a free Vista Cinemas account thru www.VistaCinemas.com.ph
  • Registered account gives you access to account information and transactions details
  • Verification email may take up to 5min to be sent or check your SPAM mailbox.
  • Movie schedules are updated daily, thus following day/s schedules may only be available at the start of the day itself.
  • Screening schedules may differ due to cinema operations such as viewer demand and other unforeseen events.
  • Credit Cards and Debit Cards
    1. www.VistaCinemas.com.ph only accepts locally distributed Visa and Master Card credit cards.
    2. Only locally distributed debit and credit cards with the Visa and Master Card logo can be used to purchase on the website.
  • Reschedule
    1. Online tickets cannot be rescheduled or re-booked.
  • Claiming of ticket
    1. We’ve upgraded our site for a better cinema experience! You’ll receive a ticket voucher with a QR code on your email. This code may be directly presented at the cinema door to enter, no need to visit the ticket booth to exchange for a printed ticket.
    2. If you bought a ticket for your family and friends, you may send them the QR code or ticket voucher for them to directly use.
    3. QR ticket code can be accessed through the following options:
      • Email from Vista Cinemas
      • Transaction History on the Vista Cinemas website
  • Reverse/Refund movie ticket
    1. A reversal will be provided only when the movie itself has been cancelled/re-scheduled, or if the cinema(s) concerned will not be operating at the date stated in the purchased movie ticket for any reason whatsoever. Refunds will be coursed through the respective medium by which the Purchaser bought the tickets (credit card/debit card).
    2. Reversal and reschedule of movies purchased online is not allowed.
  • Best seats
    1. Get the best seats in the house at www.VistaCinemas.com.ph , we’ve got a specially marked section for online purchases.
  • Reserve seating
    1. All Vista Cinemas branches have a one-time viewing and reserve seating policy.
  • Discounts
    1. Only PWD and Senior Citizens may avail of the Government issued 20% discount, these users must enter their ID number and may be asked to present any government issued ID at the cinema door for verification.
  • Online reservation
    1. Since the website is now up and running, Vista Cinemas branches does not accept reservation through call-in and FB messenger. You may directly purchase your tickets through the portal: www.VistaCinemas.com.ph or at the branch directly
  • Free entrance for children age (X)
    1. Children of all ages are paid in full.
  • Block Screening/Theater Rental
    1. All our theaters accommodate block/special screening. Get in touch with us by sending us an email at: inquiry@vistacinemas.com or visiting/calling your preferred branch.